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Ecky, you are awesome!! I have seen your posts in other threads and believe you are a player. I believe you are striving for truth just as much as the best of the rest of us. You bring up some interesting points. Instead of posting links to more studies (which you seem to take with a grain of salt), I want to pontificate on some things that should become obvious once pointed out. You have a sound foundation in chemistry, which is good. Therefore consider this:

When the fuel passes through the fuel pump, does it not pass through an electro-magnetic field? When it passes through the fuel injector, does it not pass through an electro-magnetic field?? Both devices require electro-magnetism to operate (pump = motor, injector = solenoid; both electro-magnetic in nature). Accidental?

If the fuel pump exerts an electro-magnetic field on the fuel -- albeit a less-than-ideal field -- there is a probability that the reports from my previous post may apply (at least in part). I assure you that some OEM engineers are amply aware of the effects of magnetism on fuel, and acknowledge that fuel pumps and injectors exert magnetic fields on the fuel. (I speak from talking with OEM engineers!)

I have studied lab reports covering the effects of magnetism on water, hydrocarbon petro-chemicals, combustion, even human blood. I've even looked at studies related to putting magnets in your shoes... (As a side note, in addition to automotive combustion efficiency, I expend much effort into researching alternative health. With that said, the next issue of Nuts and Volts Magazine will feature an alternative health-related subject as their front cover article -- penned by me.)

Modern physics, chemistry, electricity, and most other sciences seem to believe they can isolate a phenomenon in a closed-loop environment. Although incorrectly called "Maxwell's Laws and Equations", his original 20 equations were actually "codified" a time or two by Oerstead, Ampere, Faraday, Gauss, Thompson, Kelvin, and Lodge before being canonized by Oliver Heaviside into a mere 4 equations. Perhaps those "Laws" should be called "Heaviside's Laws" instead of "Maxwell's Laws"? Maxwell's 20 observations (the original 'good stuff') factored in the environment. The Earth is one gigundous spinning magnet, influenced by energies from outer space. Testing on Earth MUST factor in that influence. In science, it never does (thank you Heaviside).

Sometimes you can study the math, physics, and other sciences and "simulate" an outcome. But when you actually test, it doesn't necessarily work out according to simulation. I so want to talk about stuff I KNOW will make me look like a charlatan... but I digress.

You can look at lab reports and discount them because of the format or poor English (probably because English is not their native language). You can discount them for the lack of at least a dozen PhD's signing off on them. UNTIL YOU TEST FOR YOURSELF YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

I am sharing my experience. With that said, if YOUR EXPERIENCE differs from my experience, I'd like to discuss what you did differently than I did. However, if YOUR INTERPRETATION of a lab study differs from mine, then all further debate is moot, as there isn't a level playing ground. I'm trying to differentiate EXPERIENCE from "I read it on Wikipedia". I have EXPERIENCE and am trying to share what worked for me. I merely use lab reports to reinforce the probability that my experience is valid.

If you put magnets on your fuel line (not the steel portion as that disperses the flux) as I have recommend (flip-flopping polarities), and you see no benefit, let's talk. Until then, it's your opinion against my experience.
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