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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Just for ----- and giggles, if the IONIQ reacted to underbody paneling at all like the Audi 100-III, the 'missing' panels and 'slow' diffuser might represent a delta-Cd 0.030.
If rear skirts returned a 1.89% delta Cd as they did for WS 12 Aero, Advantage West Midlands, UK, Audi test car, that would be another delta-Cd 0.005.
That would put the IONIQ in Cd 0.205 territory.
It wouldn't take much else to push it to the new Cd 0.20 target.
I mean Iím removing side mirrors so that would put that at 19 right there give or take

I looked at the bottom of my Ioniq again though, sure itís not perfectly smooth, but itís extremely straight and none of the part under the car buldge out to disrupt airflow. I think Hyundai did the best they could with aligning the muffler and everything underneath to be extremely flush without covering it with a panel. Even the muffler thatís laying horizontally is angle slightly like a rear diffuser to guide the air. Obviously it can be improved.

If smooth under body and rear skirts/spats can put it at 20, then no mirrors 19, I wonder what the hypothetical cd could be with an extended spoiler and mini box cavity in the rear. Then duct tape the door handles smooth and use racing tape to cover every body panel crack 😂
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