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wiper delete...............

Originally Posted by Phase View Post
I wonder how much wiper blade delete affects drag. Lots of people do it for racing or hypermiling.

Wonder what my highway mpg at 59 EPA rating would be by dropping the drag from 24 down to cd 19. Seems realistic.

I wish I could shave weight in the car for city driving, but removing rear seats or changing front seats to light weight racing seats seems like it wouldn’t even make much of a difference.
A small bubble of stagnant air at the cowl area below the base of the windshield is an intentional design feature which, allows un-powered, passive cabin ventilation.
Typically, the windshield wipers reside within this 'bubble' and the outer airflow just travels over it, rendering virtually zero drag for the wipers.
A Lamborghini Aventador, at 210-mph is a different story.
The EPA HWY numbers might be seen around 100-km/h ( 62-mph ).
You might knock the barnacles off your calculator and see if you can run the numbers. The sooner you learn to 'fish', the sooner you can throw me under the bus. You'll be self-sufficient in quanta.
As to 'CITY' driving, see if the pure electric Hyundai's use a lower rolling resistance tire. I know GM does this. It's very difficult to remove enough weight from modern cars to make a difference.
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