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Originally Posted by Phase View Post
Iíve always been curious to what the cd for the electric Ioniq is. It has a smooth underbody versus the hybrids obviously. Not to mention a much smoother front grill. I wonder if the hybrid Ioniqs are actually 25 and the electric version is 24. Or maybe the hybrids are 24 and the electric is 23 or lower. Then again, if it was lower, Hyundai would probably be shouting out how much lower the ev isÖ

No idea.
I've no idea. Perhaps we'll have access to those before too long. If Hyundai/KIA/Genesis publishes a technical paper it will show up at SAE International at some point.
Vehicle range will be an artifact of Cd to some degree. It's funny how many automotive journalists haven't made the connection between CdA and range yet.
They're bored with TESLA's 'look', and want different 'styling,' not realizing that Tesla's 'appearance' is a critical key to highway range.
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