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I've had a few Volkswagens. In order of ownership a 62 bug, a 64 bug, is 67 bug, a 72 Super Beetle, three different 82 83 and 84 Volkswagen Quantum diesel station wagons oh and I almost forgot back in the day I had a 63 bus with almost a full length sunroof. The bus was a nightmare to drive into a strong headwind even at 50 miles an hour and it would blow you all over the road. The 64 was okay, the 67 which should have been a real treat because of the 12 volt system ended up being an electrical nightmare for me, as I took it to an independent repair place in Tigard that specialized in Volkswagens to have them fix it, and two weeks later they told me they couldn't do anything with it so I sold it to get rid of it. The 72 Super Beetle could be described as almost a barn find that I kind of brought back to life that it handled like an ox cart and I was not impressed At All by it. The quantum wagons were great road cars for me that got excellent mileage, but if you need body parts or suspension parts, they're almost impossible to find without buying another parts car. The 62 bug was the best one for me in the early days. I guess I was an eco-modder even way back in the day as in the early eighties I was already experimenting putting 50 lbs in the tires so I could get about 45 miles per gallon. I do like my current rabbit pickup truck and am surprised how well at 6ft3 inches with long legs that I still fit good in it with stock seats. But back to the subject of exotic or rare cars to behold, has our Brazilian friend seen any of the Volkswagen SP2 s or Pumas???
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