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Chain maintenance questions

So several years ago I used to have a boring warehouse job, so to liven things up, I intentionally rode motorcycles to work in the rain. My bikes were older even then which means more steel than aluminum to be rusting, as after a long day at work and riding home in cold rain did not Inspire 1 to clean the bike everyday. So I became more of a fair-weather Rider, and went the route of having shaft drive bikes it just eliminate the mess and hassle of a GREASY nasty-looking rear rim. Now we are in hyperinflation I'm getting a couple smaller bikes for better MPGs that yes are going to have chains. And as the gas prices will inevitably start getting worse and worse probably, I probably will eventually be riding somewhat in the rain once again. So now getting to the point of all this. I have read articles saying that heavy Automotive Grease will do a wonderful job of lengthening the life of your chain, but of course at the cost of its slopping all over the rear rim, and my being anal and thinking that a heavier grease will be adding friction thusly lessening the miles per gallon hoped to achieve. I know that newer better products are being refined all the time. So I'm asking for a variety of different opinions not just one person. What product do you use to clean your chain. Do you have a favorite type of brush? What chain lube product is your favorite and why? What do you think is the best middle-of-the-road way to go for lubrication that minimizes friction, minimizes ugly slop on rear rim, but still optimizes miles per gallon, and longest chain life possible in that order, miles per gallon being predominant at least slightly. I will end this by asking how often do you clean your chain, and of course that varies with weather if One Rides in the rain much or not and what kind of distance, but just a ballpark idea of what you do? Thanks in advance!

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