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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
1) If there are no electronics behind the gaps, which might rely on air 'leakage' for cooling, then you could temporarily seal them with painter's tape to see if there's a 'showing'. Then go from there. Some bonnets have weatherstripping applied to their perimeters, which create a hidden seal when closed. Renault demonstrated a minor drag reduction sealing the nose of one of their research vehicles. No specific data was given, but your instincts are good!
2) For the 'spats,' are you talking about the plastic flow deflectors in front of the front and rear tires? Or some modification to mudflaps behind the tires?
1) I don't think there is anything behind the gaps - certainly nothing obvious! Only thing I can really think of are the headlights. I like this painters tape idea for testing! Many thanks!

2) Aye, contoured flow deflectors on the mudguards in front of the wheels. I've not decided on the exact shape yet, I'm just brainstorming at the moment - I'll do a bit of research and modeling before I build anything.
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