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O ring or X ring chain. Lube is sealed inside. I occasionally clean and then spray with WD40 to keep rust at bay. Many opinions out there.

Some will say WD kills the orings or dillutes the intenal lube. Orings should be NBR or Viton and impervious to the napthas in WD.

Some will say oring or xring chains have more friction. and therfore power and efficiency loss. Would love to see real data on those claims, never have. Handlebar width, pavement smoothness, and how baggy your riding cloths are likely have much more effect on speed and mpg than oring vs non-oring.

Grease is more for eliminating friction between chain roller and sprocket in VERY slow moving systems, such as conveyors or farm equipment. You want a heavy oil inside the rollers/bushings of the chain. Oring and don't worry about it.

My personal chain maintenance is very minimal. They are wear items, and not that costly. A spray of chain lube here and there on non-oring chains, and clean and lube when the bike really needs a wash. I swear some people will spend $200 in chemicals (plus time) to get 2 seasons out of $100 chain and sprocket set vs the 1 year it would go with an $8 can of care.
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