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Solar panel, with no aero loss. what gain?

I have 2019 Tacoma, with 40% tonnue cover. details-

This will allow me to mount a 100 watt panel and since I can flush mount in the cover there will be no aero penility , like others have experienced.

My plan is just hook it to the battery and the alternator should work less because the battery will always be fully charged and when there is a load, the alternator shouldn't be working at all as long as it see 13.8 volts at the battery.

If the panel can't keep up, then the altenator should kick in to keep the system at 13.8.

I plan on using a regular 12 volt socket mounted in the bed so the panel can easily be connected and disconected when I need to haul larger loads.

My math is I can get 400 watt/hours of power per day, which should cover the electrical needs my commute in the summer. I currently use about 15-17 amps of power while the car is running. Thats about 235 watts per hour and I'm in the car under 1 hour a day. So on sunny days, this panel "should" provide all my eletrical needs if the battery can store it. which is my main worry, how much will my factory 585 CCA Lead Acid battery store and will most of what the panel puts out go to waste?

What ideas do you guys have?


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