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Crazy J said he didn't know that I wanted him to reverse-flush the heater core.

It was the last thing I told him!

He claimed he would do it today.

Should I give him a day or a week?

I still need to deal with my other cars. I should have climbed under my Accord, but I have been trying to figure out how to replace the heater core in the 2002 Civic.

I didn't want to do this. I really didn't want to do this. I kept telling myself that I would get the parts, gather the tools, and buy a Haynes manual. I would rather flip through dozens of chapters and sections than spend days trying to figure out everything ahead of time.

However, I always need to stop, wash up, and then buy another part or tool, or figure out how to remove something that wasn't described in the FSM or anywhere else I saw.

I just wanted to figure out all of the tools that I needed to gather.

In theory, having already replaced the head gasket in a 2000 Civic, I should have all of the tools that I need for a 2002 Civic head gasket.

I just watch Eric the Car Guy's video and while I was eating lunch I watched his video and mentally listed each step, which, of course, I wouldn't remember.

I thought that, instead of pausing his video hundreds of times and going back, I would start with the transcript.

Yes, the transcript that doesn't have capitalization, punctuation, or any kind of breaks, so I used WPS Office for that, but it is lame, so I copied it into a Gmail draft.

That started suggesting all kinds of corrections, so I copied it to Docs, but that only did so much, so I went back to Gmail, pulled it up on my desktop, and have reviewed it for hours in Word.

The video is an hour long and my transcript is 12 pages.

Huh. I wanted to attach it as a code block so someone could click on it if they wanted to read it, but wouldn't need to scroll through it, and apparently I am limited to 8-page-posts!

Amazing. I tried attaching an .RTF, but apparently that format is too new for Vbulletin. I tried attaching a .TXT, but it was over twice the allowed size!

So, I am only allowed 5 pages?

I feel underwhelmed that the .ZIP of a .TXT is only 65% smaller.
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