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Once in a while I see a Yamaha 150cc with an utility trailer, taller and worse aerodynamically-wise than the ones I used to see in Pelotas. Not sure if that would be so suitable to make a tent-trailer out of it, but who knows...

Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
There are kits to turn Hondas & Harleys to into adult tricycles, possibly others.
I meant something more utilitarian-oriented, such as the ones converted from Honda CG motorcycles which I still see being used for commercial purposes in Porto Alegre.

Can't see where that would involve a conspiracy
Some folks often look at it as "unreasonable" to say the least, and I must agree it's quite extreme to consider this approach instead of picking a more mainstream car with all the comfort features and all-weather protection just for the sake of saving gas and some other aspects which influence the TCO...

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