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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
It would depend on the car. Most cars are running at pretty high load at 80mph since most cars can't break 130mph, and new cars come with pretty tall gearing. Most hybrids have electric water pumps which will reduce a few hundred watts of power demand compared to cars equipped with belt driven pumps that are running pretty fast at 80mph, and they usually have access to a slightly taller gear ratio. Other than that the efficiency should be pretty comparable.

E.g. I would expect a modern Toyota Corolla or Camry to get almost the same mpg as the hybrid counterpart at 90mph.
i doubt that. normal corolla is rated at 40 highway epa. thats at the 60mph moderate test speed. my gfs corolla hybrid gets about 42 mpg with cruise control at 90mph. no way a normal corolla rated at 40 epa highway is boosting up to 42 at 90...
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