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The drive I do has mostly an 80 mph speed limits and cops around here won't stop you until you are more than 5 over so I set the cruise at 84 mph and have two one hour, 15 minutes stretches at 84 with a 20 min mountain pass in between with a 65 mph limit I set the cruise at 69. Then there is 10 minutes in town total for a 240 mile trip in 3 hours which is 80 mph average zero stops.

I haven't actually done a trip reset on a long 84mph flat run to see mpg there. I'll try that next Monday. I do know I've put 5500 miles on the car in 3 months mostly driving it weekends on that route. It has made that round trip 11 times now. Saved me $530 in gas in 3 months so far compared to the Lincoln MKZ which was only averaging 22 mpg with its 400 hp and AWD. Both cars are similar size.
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