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Hello from Washington State

I have revived my old TDI Passat wagon now that gas is over $5 per gallon.

It has been parked for about 6 years. I was getting 42 mpg with it before. I just put on new tires, 195/60r14 in front and 185/60r14 in back. It does have some 0.205 nozzles and a tuned chip, hammer mod. It is a 5 speed stick, does have the 0.681 5th gear. First gear synchro is toast.

My last fill up (12 gallons) was 43 mpg. The previous fill up (10 gallons) was 44 mpg. My tank vent has been modded so I can get a full 26 gallons of diesel in it, but I don't run below 3/4 of a tank with the prices still rising for diesel, which is now $5.80 per gallon here. I usually run 8 oz of Diesel Klean additive per 26 gallon tank.

Going to be doing some mods to get it to 50 mpg. My commute is 50 miles round trip, about 2/3 freeway. I normally drive 70 mph, but will slow down to 60 mph if I can get 50 mpg.

Anybody that knows passats know they are complete P.O.S. as far as body, interior, and electrics. It is almost impossible to have 4 working doors, 4 external door handles, and 4 windows working at the same time.
My two rear doors won't open, but at least they don't fly open around corners anymore. I am not going to sink much if any money into this. Only the front two windows open, and the drivers will only go up all the way with help.

Future mods include:

Remove passenger mirror (the glass is gone anyway) and roof rack, remove roof antennas
Add a rear diffuser. There is a good spot right between the gas tank and the rear bumper beam. I will probably make this out of ABS plastic
Add a front spoiler/splitter. I have a good cheap spoiler of ABS made from a Crown Vic rear prisoner seat back.
Add wheel covers
Maybe add a roof extension/wing that deflects down.
Fix my A/C so I don't need my windows down on the freeway.
Fix my cruise control for mpg
Add a Scan Gauge II
Maybe new high flow muffler and 2" pipe. Probably keep the cat.
Replace any bad wheel bearings/ axles, rotors as needed.
I may remove the rear seats and gut the rear interior for weight.

97 Passat TDI Wagon
0.205 nozzles, chip tune
305k miles
Scan Gauge II
26 gallon tank
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