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Originally Posted by Talos Woten View Post
If you look closer down the Mega Block page, it says the foil shield is only good until 450F. That's consistent with the working temperature of melamine foam:

It says it requires 2" clearance to go to 1000F, which is completely misleading advertising. Personally, I avoid any product that tries to oversell itself. But it's your purchase decision.

Is there a reason why you are limiting yourself to this particular company? Employee discount, or a great blackmail situation with the manager?
just good experience with their jute thermal insulation i used for the interior of the cabin. they have high quality products and good customer support

though they did try and push me hard to get their sound deadener, but i went with kilmat from amazon instead. second skin and dynamat have some of the elite products, but are overpriced. i dont mind trying something cheaper that works and has great reviews, hence why i chose kilmat over dynamat lol
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