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Quote: › marine-heatshield › marine-heat-shield-insulation
Engine Room Insulation | Marine Heat Shields | Heatshield Products
For heavy-duty engine room insulation, it's hard to beat our Lava Shield Mat. This adhesive heat shield is made of basalt fiber and is naturally resistant to the weather, moisture, chemicals, and even acid. Perfect for the engine room on your craft! Keep the Operator Compartment Cool With Our Marine Thermaflect Cloth › anwendungen › ?lang=en
BasaltFaserNetzwerk | Textilien from Basalt - Anwendungen
Applications of the basalt fiber" Basalt fabrics are everywhere, at the point where it literally sizzle - in industrial exhaust systems or in the engine compartment of vehicles , for example . Basalt fibers withstand temperatures up to 800 C .
That's 1472 F.

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