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My SRT4 and a .000 RT = Runnerup at the Stick Shift Nat'ls!

Remember...this is off topic, but the car does get 32.8 mpg while sometimes running 12 second 1/4 mile ets on street tires.

Well gang, I went into the United Manual Transmission Racers series final race Saturday thinking I was in 8th, but an update in points put me down to 13th....which was what I kinda thought previously. The Stick Shift Nationals was held at Edgewater near Cincinnatti and was double pts. I finally found how to get acceptable traction in 1st gear, but when I did the clutch would slip a TON, so I airred the Hoosier A6 DOTS up to 21 from 13 and just played with the gas pedal for 1st gear and hoped for the best. At US 41 last Sunday I got a 13.04 at 109 with a 1.97 short time, which would have been a 12.97 if I had taken out the passenger seat and the baby seat and his toys. With the 21 psi DOTs I this rac e I ran from a 13.32 to a 13.46 at 107-108 mph. That mph with my spinning 2.1s short times fooled some of the Mustang guys that had 1.6-1.9 short times to lift early since they thought I missed a gear! It was a record field of 104 cars and it took 7 rounds to win! In the quarter finals I had a perfect RT of .000 against the pts leader and won, got a bye run in the quarter finals since the 10.0 Fairlane and 12.0 Mustang both already had one. In the final I lost on a break out to the Tang. I had the better light in every round, but his 12.022 on a 12.02 did me in. He also ran a 12.022 on a 12.02 to beat the ten second Fairlane.

AND, I ended up either #3 or #4 in their pts. I was not counting the top 3 guys in pts so they might have lost earlier. If the guy in second place did not enter I might be second! I know the pts leader is still leading because I met him in the 4th round. I had missed 6 races in the series to race pts at Indy....I would been points champion if I made those 6 races and won only one round per race!

BUT, I did what I set out to do:

Finish in the top 10 pts so I can get money at the banquet
Not totaly ruin my clutch so I can still drive it till the Krieg replaces it
Had a better RT than all my opponents
And make it into the quarter finals to make $$$

I have been seriously drag racing since 1983 and this was my 1st ever perfect RT. I never aimed for it, it just happened when I was trying for a decent one of .035 or better.

42 time NHRA/IHRA drag race champ

05 SRT4-12.17@117 mph on DOTs-31.0 mpg-SOLD
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