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Hello! I can't post links yet...Im going to try it in the title of the reply..

Scroll down to the product description -- to see those ratings-

Different ratings different weight/kg,

And yes the m/s -- is different on different designs.

Some are rated higher than these (kw) with lower weight .. and lower price.. the manufacturers - direct -- are sometimes selling them $40-200..

Have no idea whether the ROI would be worth it... ! Especially modding one of those. They can be wound though... and by hand.

BUT, if a lighter model turbine.. with high current -- could be used for hybrid's (or an alternative alternator install location-- like near the rear wheels/axle with lower rpm) .. it's an idea that could find it's place in a newer car design (if it hasn't already).

Or aero engineered car designs -- things could be tried with a small turbine horizontally factored into a boat-tail or something - pointing away from the car... especially if the outflow could create some kind of alter-drag, I mean a drag that doesn't effect the vehicle so much.

** Edit - Like; a turbine mostly covered up where the air just clips the blades on one side.. since the m/s meters per second is so low.**

It's the rpm's (on these versions) that would pose a problem in an engine - as an alternator replacement.

This could potentially fall under the category of full car design I guess.... like designing something into a rear axle on a fwd as an alternator replacement location... or another gearbox off the transmission. The weight of the vehicle could push it passed a point at which the drag would be far less than the power output.

Just ideas -- Off the top of my head.. since the maglerv stuff open's some possibilities up.

If you do a long search, you can probably find a better design than the one I posted from alibaba - and sometimes less costly.

Just an idea!

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