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if had hit

Originally Posted by GTR View Post
This was one awesome thread full of great info! Definitely going to use some of it on my VX.

I want to comment on the fact that seems rather unbelievable to me. The story about the plexiglass window flying off at high speed not once, but twice, and absolutely no mention of very real danger everyone else was put in and that for some mods some attention to safety perhaps should be a little higher on the list.

If that window had hit a (motor)cyclist, it could easily kill them. It could cause anyone to veer of the road, swerve, cause accidents, or do serious damage to someone else's car....and I doubt your insurance would pay for it, either.

I'm all for modding and experimenting and going crazy, I'm just flabbergasted nobody said a word about it?
This is a very late response, however, I wanted to point out that, even NASCAR required Chrysler Corporation to install safety lanyards on the rear wing of their Dodge Charger Daytona in order to qualify for competition.
Kinda like safety tethers on modern surfboards. And having been skegged in the head as a teenager, it's probably a really good idea.
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