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Originally Posted by pgfpro View Post
I think the FE will be way better than the Talon just based on it having a
RWD vs AWD. The aero should also be a lot better. The gearing will be better for FE too.
Seems quite promising to say the least. And it does seem to be an easier testbed to keep looking for improvements on the long run, as it seems like there are much more aftermarket rear-end ratio options than what could be expected regarding the Mitsubishi transaxle and rear differential.

On a sidenote, what has led you to fit a Mitsubishi engine to a Camaro? Was it just based on your previous experience with that engine and willing to try it on another testbed or any other motivation? Well, maybe some info about the bolting pattern would be of interest to the off-road folks who often adapt some "unexpected" engine and transmission setups (which seems to be the case of a Mitsubishi engine backed by a GM transmission) to their rigs.
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