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I finally got the 2002 Civic home. I never wanted to have the 2002 Civic home

After 9 days I finally found where I stashed $700 cash. I kept looking for a black Wells Fargo bag, which I finally found in my Accord trunk on Sunday, having already given up on finding it.

I took my brother on his walk and thought that if the money wasn't in the bag it could be anywhere.

I could have put it in any of the dozens of books that Dad left behind.

Then I remembered where I hid it and put it in the black bank bag.

Then apparently I set it on top of black clothing and put stuff on top of that.

On Monday I went to get my car and realized that I hadn't grabbed the money.

Then I couldn't remember where it was.

I spent all day looking for it and when I found it my brother gave it to Mom.

I didn't have any idea where she put it, but she had him give it back the next day.

I kept trying to get my car and stuff came up. I wasn't able to go before seeing my first client and somehow ever since that client moved to that spot I have forgotten about the client that I have seen immediately after that for 2 years, the exact same day and time.

Remembering is hard!

The second family asked to shift right and it was too late to get my car.

I just needed to grab a few things today. Of course, none of those worked out, and I forgot to grab my cash.

I had needed to park Mom's car at the school so the hired help could park in the driveway.

I got the Civic home, but she died before I could get her through the gate, and I couldn't restart her. I grabbed my brother to have him help push, but all that he did was grunt and groan as he leaned a little bit. I still had my tow strap and giant cargo strap laying out from moving Chorizo, so I ensured the parking brake was set in that car, and tried to use her as an anchor, but I couldn't get it to work.

I finally used Harbor Freight's cheapest cargo strap to bridge the gap and cranked the big one all of the way.

The 2002 Civic moved 1". As far as I can tell, the 2000 Civic didn't move at all.

The battery was clearly weakened and Chorizo's battery has been on life support for years, so I swapped them, eventually started the 2002, and maneuvered her into the side yard.

One of my errands was buying this portable garage:

It is currently $230. I couldn't find any valid coupons. It was $170 in October. I couldn't find a valid 20% off coupon and any coupon from any site besides hfqpdb seems guaranteed to fail.

I told my brother to open the tent and empty it, but of course he didn't do either. I am going to empty it, take it down, and set up the portable garage in its place, with the current contents of the tent around my car.

That is assuming I can push Chorizo into it. I tried pushing her forward so I could ratchet up the 2002, but I couldn't budge her.

I am sure that jacking her up and putting 2x6s under each wheel would make that far easier.

I will end up with a portable garage where the tent is and a silver Civic where the black one is.

Then, after all of that work, I can finally resume fixing things.

I don't think you can make out all of the projects in this picture, which aren't all of my projects:
  1. Mom's Camry
  2. My Camry
  3. The 2002 Civic
  4. The 2000 Civic
  5. The tent
  6. The shed
  7. The back fence.
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