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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
Just because it is the same platform and looks the same doesn't mean the underpinnings are identical. Chevrolet may had added/specified different crash structure/reinforcements.

I think they are much closer to equal these days, but 20 years ago even a Canadian spec car probably had different crash ratings than the same model in the US (The US abandoned 5mph bumpers in the 80s, but Canada kept them into the 00s).
And the reality is it doesn’t matter if it is the same, as proven by my inability to bring a Canadian Trax into the US permanently.

All equipment, safety and Emissions, ECUs, etc 100% identical in the bill of material but GMs policy is to never provide a letter of conformance so unless I want to sue I can’t legally register one here, even though it is identical in every way.

Now if a car dealer wanted to import it probably wouldn’t be an issue.
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