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Lightbulb Anyone successfully used veggie oil for gasoline engines?

Most waste veggie oil mod is on diesel cars, but most people have gasoline cars, that's why I want to explore WVO use on gasoline cars.

I have tried once to blend 0.3 gallon of virgin veggie oil with 3 gallons of E10 gasoline in a PFI gasoline car, just for a test. The result is unsatisfactory.

Car started misfiring and losing power about 60 miles on the freeway out of the gas station. RPM was around 3000. I checked the spark plugs, they have been fouled with a brown oil-like substance. The misfiring persisted until I topped up the 10 gallon tank with gasoline.

It seems veggie oil cannot combust fast enough as a fog ejected from nozzle with even 9 times of gasoline.

Have anyone tried running a gasoline engine on heated veggie oil? What about vaporized veggie oil? Anyone tried running partial veggie oil in a GDI engine?

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