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Originally Posted by ECO-AKJ View Post
I wouldn't touch the fluids or sensors until it is out of warranty, dealers can void whatever warranty is affected by non oem part, that being said, that is me, just my two cents, otherwise, congrats on the new ride.
Yea it occurred to me that messing with the fluids is probably not a good idea especially under warranty. The diff fluid is something I'm just thinking about because an unpowered diff at highway speed is mainly going to be losing energy churning the oil, so I think it's worth asking why do they set the fill level where it is given the lubrication is passive?

I don't think I want to reflash the ECU since that might void the warranty, but swapping the rear oxygen sensor will cause the ECU to recalibrate the front wideband sensor when it does its catalyst efficiency monitoring. Since it's a physical change that can be easily reverted by going back to the original sensor (that the ECU would then adapt to without remembering), it would be undetectable for warranty purposes. A few % difference in fuel trim is completely normal and attributable to different fuel (high butane "winter" blend requires 4% more fuel flow for example).

The easiest thing to do as a start is add a bit of E85 to the fuel. With reformate at a record price, ethanol in California is basically a free octane boost. The turbo engine is very sensitive to octane rating so any time there is a hill the timing adjustment should boost efficiency by a few %.

I will have to get the car and see how they affix factory mud flaps to see if I can attach some fairings. Lowering springs would probably be more effective but that is a modification that doesn't make a whole lot of sense IMO.

I am very curious to see if my cardboard box idea works but I saw some other thread where someone put a huge cardboard tail on their SUV and could not measure any difference I'm thinking more like just taping 2 boxes together and spraying some paint on as waterproofing, then taping some foam to the car to protect the paint from any grit on the boxes that might rub.

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