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I am surprised that hybrids never took off and came to dominate most auto sales.

Toyota did a fantastic job engineering the hybrid drivetrain of the Prius, and that should scale to other automotive segments.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Hybrids for all and plug in hybrids with like a 10kwh battery for the people who want to think they are being extra green.

I figured they were going with best case scenario economy.
About 2 ton of CO2 per year for a gasoline burning car is very optimistic, only if you include tiny diesel cars you can't buy in the US. If you only count 40mpg cars driven the standard 12,000 miles per year and each gallon of gasoline produces 20lb of CO2, should be 3 tons per year. IMO a built in trap for any math illiterate that tries to challenge their numbers.
I was wating for someone to ask where did you find that and lead them right into a red pill trap, but can't do that now. The chart was also made for people who would argue "but my 1980 diesel car gets 60mpg" and "so your chart is wrong".
I only recognized the chart because I was referencing that material just yesterday in another forum. Someone had posted a "debunk" video in which an unfunny and unserious person spent 16 minutes trash talking Graham's 14 minute video, and spent 1 minute pointing out the CO2 emission underestimate.

It is a good criticism, but it doesn't substantially change the concept of what is being argued. Had Graham just used realistic numbers, this video would have had zero factual points in it rather than one.

Apologies in advance
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