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It slipped my mind, remember, it takes about 5 units of oil to make about 4 units of finished petroleum products. So really 1 gallon of gasoline burned make more like 25lb of CO2.
So if a car gets 40mpg, is driven 180,000 miles and each gallon of gas really emits 25lb of CO2, that's 56 tons, using a 40mpg car counting no oil, transmission fluid, tire changes/replacements or other repairs.

The thumb nail should have been warning enough.
3 seconds in and worse than I thought. 24 seconds yeah I agree, definitely something wrong here.
4 minutes in something substantive if you're into red herrings, gram worked for a non profit that does oil stuff? So he's automatically a disqualified to talk about such things and is a racist, bigot, anti science, illiterate, baby seal clubbing neo nazi. I've heard those baby seal clubbing neo nazis know how to party, but when they bust out the cocane just leave.

Attacks the messenger first then makes a bunch of irrelevant points, deploys red herrings and strawmen?
Wait is this aerohead?

This video aged poorly, goes on and on about how coal is irrelevant and is going away. Fast forward to today and several European countries are turning their coal fired power plants back on. Lol

Well its kind of irrelevant where electric vehicles get their electricity from if combined world build out of new BEVs tops out at 10 or 15%. With that much of new cars being pure BEV that could have hybrided with the left over making plug-in hybrids for the entire word.
Calls hybriding the world fleet of cars "not clean enough", " not doing enough" or something to that effect, bs if every car on earth got a third more MPGs that's pretty significant. That's at least as big as fuel injection and exhaust catalyst combined.

Says the "trickle of misinformation is turning into a torrent", yeah funny how it's increasing with the increasing adoption of electric cars and not decreasing. If they're so great then everyone with an EV would be an EV shrill and rightly so. But the reality is there seems to be an increase in the numbers of critics that have or had an EV like my self.

Remember a California study showed 20% of EV drivers say they won't be in an EV for their next car.
There's a reason for that, EVs aren't for everyone.
I'm not surprised this person is trying to ram something down people's throats. I'm talking about a type of car, not a body part. What's wrong with you.
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