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E85 has 75% the lower heating value of normal gasoline and 78% the higher heating value or so. Since the fuel is mostly vapor by the time it ignites, and the combustion chamber is a little cooler, you really are getting more like 77% and more like 80% if the ignition can be optimized. Last time I went to a Propel Fuels, the E85 was a bit over 4 and the 91 I filled the rest of my tank with was a little under 6 bucks, so the E85 was a better deal in terms of $/mile. I imagine it's gotten even better since.

I don't have the car, need to wait 2 months for delivery. The AWD badge story is pretty funny lol.

Good call on the alignment, though I would be shocked if these cars leave the factory with significant deviation from 0 toe. Car already comes with brake pad return springs.

I thought of the trailer hitch but I saw someone driving around with one and I realized it's quite a bulky thing to leave hanging off the rear, and any tail attached to it would block the hatch. Cardboard box strapped to the hatch feels more simple and removable, it can also fold and be stored in the back of the car.
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