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I wouldn't use any differential/gear oil of a specification lower than what is required. Well, had it been a part-time 4WD or if you could disable the AWD on demand, I'd rather adapt free-wheel hubs if I would be willing to take the risk and use a lower-grade gear oil...

When it comes to CVT, my only experience had been with my mother's Yaris, and by not driving the aggressive way she drives I managed to keep the engine at lower RPMs than she keeps it. Even when I was supposed to flat-out and didn't, the car was still responsive enough.

Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
His generation of Camry never came with AWD
IIRC every generation of the Camry, at least since the '90s, had AWD at least in Japan, and I'm not sure about Australia. I have even seen some grey-import JDM Camrys with Paraguayan plates which might've been AWD too.
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