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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I think that I have 29 instructions from the first 5.5 pages, but then he said to rotate the engine to line up the timing marks. Sure, I just put "Remove the axle," but I cannot have two big steps that are actually a bunch more steps, so I found a video on rotating the engine and doing the timing, but I quickly thought "That's it! I need to go to bed!"

I didn't lie down for at least an hour or two, but I didn't use my brain during that time!

When I woke up this morning I thought "Continue figuring out how to replace the head gasket and timing belt? No, I need to work on the shed and other cars!"

I sure wish that I knew what I did instead!
I wish that I knew where these instructions went!

My brother woke up and laid back down in the living room a couple of times, so Mom canceled his van, and let him sleep until 11.

Mom and I went back to bed, but I was up pretty quickly, and just going to the bathroom seemed to disturb my brother, so I stayed in my room, pretending I didn't exist.

When I took care of everything else I started looking for those instructions I was writing out. I finally decided they weren't on my laptop, so I switched to my desktop.

Right! I wanted to use Word to format the script from Eric's video!


I have two copies of that, the RTF, and the TXT, but I absolutely cannot find actual instructions, so I need to start over!
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