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It depends on the car.

Originally Posted by JSH View Post
This is why 20 year old cars go to the scrapyard when they develop problems. Swapping engines takes a lot of time and mechanic rates aren't cheap.
I had a pair of 1992 Geo Metro's my wife would drive around in when she did her Marketing thing. They paid her to drive her Mercedes Sedan, but never checked. She'd drive one Metro into the ground and then I'd give her the other one to abuse while I rebuilt the first one. Both died of body rot at about 300K miles. I still have one engine and 5 speed in the storage. We still have the 87 Mercedes sedan her company paid for.

One weekend, my wife wasn't off at a convention so she decided to help me replace the engine. After draining fluids and disconnecting the transmission, exhaust, intake and the few electrical/fluid connections I went off to get the engine lift. I came back to find the engine missing! I found my wife wandering around with it! I told her to put it down! So she walked over to the work cart and plopped it down. Then she pushed it into the shop. I guess Bally's must have really helped her physical capabilities because she's 100 pounds and change. Then again, when stripped, aluminum block, three-cylinder Metro engines don't weigh much.
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