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I don't know how your car reacts to intake temp, but on VW TDIs the IAT sensor does not impact fueling. But we have a MAF. All it does is retard timing at higher IAT for emission purposes. On my car I added a 18k resistor on the sensor, IAT is now always -14 F and I gained 2 degrees at part load.

The oil may affect the IAT sensor, probably not much though, and you can always clean it and check.

There could be a fair amount of oil in the intercooler, and you'll always have some, but it will not affect your MPG. The oil probably is coming from the crankcase venting to the intake. On my 9 years old engine the diaphragm in the CCV puck is broken, so I get a bit more oil in the intake than what it should be. Some of it can come from the turbo seal, especially if the car is always driven under light load, but that's less likely that the CCV.
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