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Originally Posted by thefirebuilds View Post
and im 6'1, the miata is not a tough car to fit in. i have friends that are 6'4" and 230 lbs that race with me. and beat me soundly.
Alas, this is a case where total height doesn't matter so much as where that height is located.... I have relatively short legs - so we might be close in height while sitting, but if your legs are longer than mine, I'm going to be taller sitting :/

I guess I should say that I have no clue about the newer mx-5....

That may be your problem: what you call slouching down & leaning back is the normal semi-reclining posture that most sports car designers intended.
I've got no problem with reclining... I ride a recumbent and am always wanting a more supine position. But slouching, no - that's fatiguing as your body shouldn't be offset. I do fit in a Lotus Europa (such that I get full vision), which is much smaller than a miata (and much more reclined). It's all a matter of anthropometric design.

So, maybe I shouldn't have said leaned back in my original post to avoid confusion
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