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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
That is not how US emission regulations work. There is no "grandfathering" of vehicles, every new vehicle must meet the emission requirements for the model year it is labeled.
Yeah, unless you are Ford and negotiated certain vehicles to belong in the wrong class (as happened egregiously for 20 years) the fact I see some Chevy Trax and subcompact Jeeps with pickup plates here seems to suggest that is still happening albeit to a lesser degree.

Or you are a low volume maker where the number made is expected to be small and it’s an undue burden for you to comply.

Or you are a local ATV/Sidebyside maker who wants to sell a diesel dune buggy for “job growth” in certain states that won’t be named.

Think, Tesla and now Kandi were able to skirt crash tests using this same logic , though the hammer finally fell on Kandi for refusing to source US compliant airbags, they got 3 years of non-compliant sales. (Likely in the single digits each year)
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