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Check out Regina Saskatchewan Canada's "Neighbourhood Profile". Yup, that's a total profile of my city.

Scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you'll see a graph titled "Mode of Transportation (labour force)". This is what you'll find:

Bicycle: 1,305 or 1.5%
Walked: 4,600 or 5.3%
Public Transit: 4,170 or 4.8%
Car, Truck, Van as Passenger: 6,835 or 7.8%
Car, Truck, Van as Driver: 69,905 or 79.9%

That's right. Nearly 88% of employed people in my city use a motor vehicle as their prime transportation... and my city is only 46 square miles in area!

It's actually really scary that only 1.5% use a bicycle. I'm going to be in a LARGE minority this summer when I wean myself from my car to bike

It gets even worse when you get into the nitty-gritty and hone in on my neighbourhood only. Over 5000 people use an automobile (94.7%!) while only 25 use a bike (0.5%). Ouch.

By the way MetroMPG, it doesn't surprise me one bit that Edmonton ranked at 77% personal vehicle usage. The city is so easy to navigate by individual automobile. Also, keep in mind that Western Canada is very young in age and virtually all of its cities have never experienced a time before automobiles. It will be a rude awakening for us when an energy crisis hits.

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