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still used

McDonnel Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Antony Jameson, Princeton University, mentioned his CFD, FL067, in 1989, and the rest of the aerospace community were leaning on:
Lord Kelvin's theorem
Osborne Reynolds
Ludwig Prandtl
Von Karmann's vortex street
Jones slender wing theory
Hayes theory of linearized supersonic flow
Hermann Schlicting's Boundary -Layer Theory
Navier-Stokes equations
Cartesian tensor notation
Inviscid Euler equations
Crocco's theorem
Prandtl- Glauert equation
Laplace equation
Galerkin Method
total variation diminishing (TVD)
upwind biasing
rotated difference scheme
first-order accurate
second-order accurate
multidimension Euler equations
flux limiters
Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) condition
Newtonian iteration
Gauss-Seidel method
Jacobi method
Runge-Kutta schemes
Blended multistage schemes
multigrid time-stepping
elliptic equations
hyerbolic systems
Hyperbolic marching methods
potential flow equation by Bristeau et al.
control theory
conformal mapping
constrained optimization
partial differential equations
perturbation analysis
Lagrange multiplier
integration by parts
turbulence models
dissociation and chemical reactions at high temperatures
massively parallel computers
sophisticated pre-processing
sophisticated post-processing
integrated computer graphics
American Mathematical Society
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering
IMA Conference on Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics
Von Karmann Institute for Fluid Dynamics

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