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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
If it was extremely low cost and rarely had to be tended to, I'd just put up with it.

As it stands, we don't have a problem with acid rain here, and the pee juice isn't cheap, and runs out too quickly.

I'd delete the DEF for those reasons.

Probably not an issue for me as I will eventually part with the Cummins and get an electric truck... once affordable used ones hit the market AND I can justify owning a truck. CyberTruck still tempts me. I really need 6+ seating.
A gallon of DEF last about 750 miles in my Duramax. It cost $7 a gallon (in a jug - less at a pump) so that is about $0.01 per mile for DEF. A delete is about $1500 for parts - double that to have the work done. That is a LONG payback to increase emissions with no benefit.
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