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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I defer to your expertise. My hunch was I could probably scrounge together whatever I needed to delete the stuff on the cheap, but I have not looked into it whatsoever.

750 miles is almost every tank of fuel. Would prefer to avoid the 1:1 relationship of DEF and refueling. Fortunately I do by owning a truck that predates the requirement, and as I said, will probably avoid it entirely by skipping to electric.

So far I've never had need of long distance trucking, so EV is probably fine.
If you can hack the ECU and code I guess you could do it on the cheap. Otherwise you have to buy someone else's tune and tuner. Nobody doesn't just a DEF delete - the kits delete it all - EGR, DEF, and DPF.

750 miles is for 1 gallon of DEF. My Express has a 5.83 gallon (20 liter) DEF tank. So I need to fill DEF about every 4400 miles (GM says 5,000). At 15 mpg the 57 gallon tank goes 855 miles. So I need to fill the DEF tank about every 5 tanks of fuel.
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