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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Have you forgotten about the SCR emulators which are available in Eastern Europe and parts of Africa and Latin America? Not exactly a delete, as it retains all the SCR hardware.
Have you forgotten that redpoint and I live in the USA?

I'm aware that SCR deletes exist as the company I work for has legal ones that they sell to dealers outside of the USA to legally deregulate diesel vehicles that have been exported from the USA to countries with lower emission standards. Those aren't for sale inside the USA.

In the USA the people that sell illegal emission delete kits sell kits that delete everything - SCR, DPF, and EGR and then throw in grossly polluting tune.

Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
I was at Walmart yesterday and IIRC the DEF was 2 gallons for 7 bucks? If it lasts 1500 miles, is that worth the trouble of deleting?
No - it isn't. As a bonus if you delete emissions most dealerships will not work on your vehicle.

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