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Duff, technically - the steels we use today do decay as they are metastable (not necessarily 100% metastable, as the internal crystal structure will vary). They can also rust, but if not exposed to oxygen, it will decay (over a long long long time) into a different form of steel. The transformation is accelerated by heat (maybe other factors, but heat is the big one). This is how bridges in CA collapse when a tanker catches on fire underneath them and etc. Due to the very long time it takes for steel to transform (into a weaker, stable crystal structure), you have no need to worry about all the buildings with steel structures or reinforcements - unless there's a big fire (then, hopefully the structure is redundant) :/

But, that said, the results of metastable steel turning into a stable form of steel is hardly a naturally occurring product. Even moreso would be Aluminum, aluminum is a highly refined metal that won't turn back into bauxite (well, maybe it could - but the time would be immense).

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