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It would be trivial for a large car company to make a body of the level of efficiency found in the EQXX, and build a cheap < $25k 4-cylinder car that gets 80+ mpg highway and seats 5. Or as an alternative, a 200+ mile range EV in the same price point, with the added benefit of supercar performance being possible at that price point. Mass production does wonderful things for per-unit costs.

Once Tesla gets their production capacity high enough, they ARE going to make a sub-$25k long-range EV. It's only a matter of time. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and their ilk, could have had such a thing on the market 25 years ago, but there was no will for it among those running these companies and they were hostile to the very idea of it because of what it represented.

The Lightyear Zero is a very interesting car. It's almost a production version of the Stella concept.

Solar panels are getting more efficient and cheaper. I've since re-evaluated my position that the best usage case for them is to be on a garage charging a home battery bank to plug into. With today's tech, a sufficiently-aerodynamic and light car could travel the vast majority of its miles on solar power alone, and if one lives in the right area and never drives long distances away from home, solar power could account for 100% of their energy consumption.

I plan to use solar for my electric velomobile when I get the next body on it. I want as many usable power sources as possible, given that the intent is to build an off-grid vehicle that would be usable if civilization collapsed. Solar, grid electricity, generator electricity, pedaling and pedaling up hills just to go back down them recapturing energy via regen are all possibilities to keep it fueled and moving, and could run the vehicle either by themselves or in any combination thereof. If there were gasoline, ethanol, or diesel fuel cells on the market to generate electricity, and the size/price/mass was right I'd certainty have a system of a few hundred watts as well just so I could run a liquid fuel if needed, but I'm unaware of such systems being available. A 2 lb fuel cell stack that could recharge my battery from a liquid fuel would be awesome, and I'd get > 2000 mpg in that usage case. That sort of versatility would result in a vehicle that could be fueled regardless of how scarce or inaccessible energy ever became. I even sized the wheels so that I can use 20" tires stripped from a child's BMX bike in a pinch, even though my design calls for using 16x2.25" Mitas MC2 low rolling resistance motorcycle tires, as those 20" bicycle tires are the most common tire of any sort around. That sort of versatility is key to what I want in a vehicle: as much self-sufficiency as possible.

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