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Noooooo! not that... anything but that!

Please I beg you, No global warming debate
- I can take anymore - it always comes back to "is not" vs. "is to"

Can we do something more useful - like exchanging Ideas?

why don't they bury high power lines?
I always assumed it was technical
like 6" thick insulation required to keep from shorting to ground
or capacitive coupling wasting power etc.

from a NIMBY and shielding stand point it would be great - if possible

as a side note to our HVDC conversation:
I have thought for a while if homeland security was converted to the Bureau of Burying Power Lines instead of the waste of taking everyones shoes off in the airport - I would be more secure

think of the improved safety, reliability & economic savings vs. power outage
now after every ice storm or hurricane there is this hugh effort to get people back on the grid to minimize damage
do not usually hear that about gas pipe in the ground

and yes I do know that buried cable is ~6 time the installed cost
but it is obviously affordable enough for water - and there is not much profit there
Start where you are - Use what you have - Do what you can.
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