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Hi all, the time has finally come for me and the Dreamliner to part company. After 10 years of development it's as good as it will ever be. We took one memorable 2000 mile trip over the Alps just before the lockdown and the bike handled it just fine. Sadly it hasn't been used much over the last couple of years and I'm keen to start another project so it's going to be listed on Ebay this weekend.

A 125cc Honda Innova has been sourced as a donor, there won't be any chassis changes required so apart from bodywork I'm hoping it will be a fairly straightforward build. It's not going to be as efficient as Allert Jacobs 100km/litre bike, but it'll be interesting to see how close I can get.

With the current cost of fuel there's got to be some interest, I'll start a new thread and post updates as I go along.
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