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I set it to the 'slowest' setting.
When it clicks off I insert a 6-inch stainless-steel thermometer stem down the filler neck to hold the detent door open.
I dispense the fuel until it clicks off.
Keep repeating until it won't take any more.
Then lift the nozzle out until I can see past it, then dispense until the fuel rises to a 'ringed rolled edge inside the neck, and just sits there.
Completely full.
I can read and record the fuel temperature at the same time.
This probably violates every manufacturer recommendation, regarding protection of the emissions controls.
I've never experienced any engine trouble, but I can't recommend it for anyone else.
Every fuel tank has a captured-air space above the fuel, when 'full' to allow for thermal expansion.
By setting the flow rate to the minimum, it's an attempt to not overwhelm this captured air volume, by some surge caused by 'fast' filling.
During fueling in Seymour, Texas on one trip, it required 16-'clicks' before the tank was actually full. A descrepancy of 1.6-gallons between an 'indicated full' and an '
actual full.' A 6.66% difference. Which has extreme ramifications when 'looking' for an mpg change-due-to-modification.
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