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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
They think over inflating tires is a scam.
If done correctly it's fine, if you are going to replace tires soon or have uneven wear over inflation doesn't seem to hurt anything. Over inflating new tires is stupid.

There are no permanent magnets in a car alternator, haven't been for at least 50 years.

They believe running the A/C won't hurt MPG?
Takes about 1.2 to 2hp to run the A/C in my leafs, which is super efficient. I guarantee a less effective belt driven one is eating up more power.
i overinflate my new tires...

and they said its better to run the ac at highway speeds than windows down. this is common knowledge though

for example with the ac running in my black ioniq, i can still get 65-75 mpg at highway speeds. im sure it would bump up like 1 extra mpg if i turned it off, but the temperature increase outside also increases the mpg, so it balances out.
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