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MHEV retrofit - Motorhome

Hi all,

I've this idea for a more fuel efficient motorhome, and it has led me to a lot of places, including here for aero design and a hybrid drivetrain maybe?

Now, it seems like one of the big challenges of motorhomes besides being motorized bricks is that the drivetrain tends to be hugenormous because of the expected use and performance.

i'm looking at probably converting something like the GMC savana with a 4.3 since the 2.8 duramax is pretty pricey.

i've been reading on MHEV components that are 48 or 72 volts and it looks like many of the drivetrain components exist, but, i don't know how to get my hands on them without being an OEM

I feel like a P1/P4 combo would be pretty effective - giving me a start/stop and electric output axle, but, P2 is kinda enticing because it'd act as a motor assist and give engine brake regen in what seems like a relatively straight forward control scheme.

i haven't been able to find what i'm looking for online - i'm guessing it is a combo of my google-fu being weak and not using the right terminology.

The reason this seems to make sense to me a motorhome will have a relatively large house battery anyhow so the battery pack could probably pull double duty and possibly even work as a PHEV - charging when plugged in to shore power.




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