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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I've actually never considered magnetizing only small sections of a continuous steel object before. I'm not even certain you can, or how the field would propagate (would it cancel itself out?) and I'm not having any luck searching for an answer.

My best guess is that it isn't possible. I imagine the fields would cancel.

EDIT: It appears to be possible. It would likely be a very weak magnet depending on how the poles interact, and would be prohibitively expensive to manufacture. It's a fun thought experiment though.
Yes one gear shaft is a solid piece.
My guess was that as long as one kept all the norths in the same direction; you'd be fine.
I too looked, but couldn't find info on this. Link?

The other shaft is all separate gears. Easy enough.

And yes; Just a Thought Experiment at this stage.
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