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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
Maybe if you had a solar panel on the roof that kept the battery topped off (and off-gassing) and had a way of collecting that while the vehicle sits (would be an explosion hazard.
Hmmm... interesting idea!
A balloon in a box perhaps... Bit then you need some sort of metering system, or a solenoid at the least.
That, along with a small bubbler and weight and effort start adding up to 'Not worth the trouble'.

Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
I don't think it's enough to make that much of a difference though. Maybe if you had a DIY hybrid with a truck bed full of lead acid batteries it would help a tenth of a mile per gallon.
Oh I don't think even the most rigorous testing would show any difference in a std car no.
Perhaps if one kept careful logs for a year or more.
This is more about 'hugging a bunnies' I assume people are into that here?

Perhaps in a hybrid (with the balloon reservoir or similar) there may be enough outgassing to notice.
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