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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Couple thoughts on this.
Just look at the Honda Insights as evidence. Plenty of people saying they didn't replace the traction battery when it went bad because it cost too much, and doesn't really improve the MPGs. Might accelerate a bit slower than before, but who cares.
The Hondas had this option because they have a backup starter on a far less integrated drivetrain. The failure of the traction battery had little to no effect on highway economy, but it completely destroys city mpg. Acceleration is NOTABLY reduced. The manual is a little better than the CVT, but it just sucks a little less.

I have owned 5 Honda hybrids. 02 & 05 Insight, 03 Civic, 2X 06 Civics. They are all garbage when their hybrid batteries fail. Some are willing to live with it, and they downplay the implications to justify their decision.
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