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Originally Posted by hat_man View Post
In my Ranger I pretty much drive by ear and let the engine tell me when to shift.
I learned to drive that way, in an Opel Corsa which didn't have a tach, so I had no way to find out the exact RPM.

I've routinely used all 5 gears (5th being OD), shifting around 2500-2700 RPM until 4th gear then shifting to 5th when I hit just over 55 mph.
I used to shift to 5th at a lower speed, yet as I said there was no tach for me to find out at which RPM.

I can do a 2nd gear take off from a dead stop so maybe I can try 2-4-5 for a tank or two and see how it works.
Skip-shifting has never worked so well for me, maybe because the majority of the vehicles I drove were "underpowered".
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