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Originally Posted by Mcgiiver View Post
The upshift indicator on the BRZ wants you to upshift at 1800 rpm, which is ridiculously low. The mileage on this really benefits from being in a high gear quickly. RPMs, even at light throttle, kill the mileage.
It does, but you need really good control of your right foot if you are to shift up at 1800rpm. The engine efficiency is really poor down there. It actually LOST mpg in 6th gear below 1500rpm compared to going faster.

I remember doing calculations for the enrichment threshold mpg in each gear, I remapped the throttle so it was easier to control, and I learned to drive only at stoichiometric AFR. I would typically get 42mpg "highway" using some pulse and glide, and about 25 in traffic. The car isn't particularly fast as is so I usually accelerated to 3000rpm and then dropped to neutral or the highest possible gear asap.
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